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Executive Webinar: Learning and Business Impact: Making the Case through Metrics and Analytics

Thursday, September 28, 2017

1pm – 2pm EST (60 minutes)


Showing the effect of a solitary learning investment is easy. Answering the broader question of “What impact is L&D having on the business?” is tough. In this webinar, HR Avant-Garde CEO and NYU Professor Vincent Suppa, will share how he’s guiding assessment, evaluation and measurement strategies that provide data to help executives understand the impact of employee learning on business performance.

During this session, attendees will:

» Identify ways that analytics is shaping learning measurement.
» Describe components of a measurement map.
» Identify the level of measurement maturity in their organization.


» Common practices in performance analytics: establishing a baseline
» Performance analytics at vanguard organizations: more is better
» Taking effective action on analytics - communicating action across the organization
» Challenges and successes
» Q&A with the speaker

Featured Speaker:

Vincent Suppa
  Vincent Suppa

Speaker Bio:

Vincent Suppa is a global HR polymath and self-described member of Generation Flux. Using his operational experience across multiple industries spanning three continents, he now consults, teaches at New York University and is an active member of HR Avant Garde. ™

As long as HR continues to be the gatekeepers to the jobs people want, Vincent will continue to give those around him – including those attending today’s webinar – the prerequisite mindset to navigate their professional world to their advantage.

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