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Hosted and Custom Webinars

Once upon a time in the business world, if a company wanted to convey a message to a large group of employees, they would hold a conference or a seminar. Luckily, today's new-and-improved conferences and seminars are conducted by Webinar, a web-based seminar that can include PowerPoint presentations, handouts, video, interactive questions, and more.

At NetCom Learning we offer organizations the ability to either host NetCom Learning's own Webinars to train employees on new technologies or creative and business skills with industry experts, or to customize an entire Webinar with specialized content.


Custom Webinars:

If you have specific messages and trainings that you would like to deliver to your personnel in a concise and interactive manner, our Custom Webinars offer a personalized solution to meet your learning requirements.

By tailoring content and presentation, using top-notch subject matter experts, preparing custom handouts and questions - your company will surely benefit from this dynamic means of communication.


We host webinars on a weekly basis featuring Technical topics, as well as Executive and Business Productivity subjects. Whether featuring new technologies, cyber security, project management, or leadership challenges, our Webinars address hot topics and are delivered by top-notch subject matter experts and thought leaders capable of conveying key messages to a large and diverse group of attendees.

Organizations can now host NetCom Learning Webinars in their own environment - a server, Intranet, or any central place where employees can access and gain the knowledge needed.

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