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Custom Learning Videos

Along with off-the-shelf training content, NetCom Learning creates custom video content for your organization.

Custom video content can be used for messaging by a key executive, or helping learners meet the need for proprietary software. Use them for training a large audience in MS Office, designing applications as a stand-alone learning tool, or ideally blending them in a holistic learning solution for optimal learning experience. Video training is also useful for content like compliance, new hire orientation, or other topics needing frequent repetition.

Our high-quality HD (high-definition) custom learning videos are perfect for broadcasting and can be delivered online in various file formats or even hosted on your or our LMS system for controlled, trackable access. We provide a full solution, including planning, design, production, and delivery. Here is only some of what we offer: setting up the environment, selecting dynamic speakers, creating the content outline and script, shooting with multiple cameras for footage to produce an engaging final end product, screen capture, graphic creation and introducing effects in the footage, editing, QA, feedback, edits and review, and final production.

The videos we produce may be used as a stand-alone deliverable or as an integral part of your blended learning solutions.

Why Our learning videos Service?

  • Award Winning Video service Team - 2013 Gold Stevie Winner of American Business Awards.
  • Over 1500 educational videos created.
  • Over 50+ exclusive video interviews with leaders, CEOs, authors and experts.
  • Professional HD production service: Interview, Commercial, Event, lectures and etc.
  • e-learning video specialist: create, convert and optimize for any video formats.
  • Producer / Director with 15 years of experience.


Our Proven Process:



Why Choose NetCom Learning: We believe that an organization's ability to learn and translate that learning into rapid action - is the ultimate competitive advantage.


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