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Learning Needs Analysis

One of the biggest challenges in Learning and Development is to identify who needs to be trained. It seems to be an easy question, but the truth is that without the right assessment and analysis, organizations will not be able to build a strong foundation to meet all learning goals.

At NetCom Learning we not only provide clients with the answers to what is needed and why, and who needs it; but we also provide the necessary foundation for all those learning initiatives.

From determining the desired learning outcome, to analyzing employee behavior, to identifying trainable competencies, to analyzing skills gaps, our Learning Needs Analysis is a comprehensive report that will support all your learning projects and transform your organization into a Learning Organization.


Our Learning Needs Analysis Method:

  • Determines business outcome.
  • Determines learning outcome.
  • Analyzes employer and employee behavior.
  • Identifies and evaluates trainable competencies.
  • Analyzes skills and performance gap.
  • Reports learning needs.
  • Provides learning solutions.
  • Provides post-assessment to validate learning outcome.


Why Choose NetCom Learning? We believe that an organization's ability to learn and translate that learning into rapid action - is the ultimate competitive advantage.


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