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Content Localization & Translation

The world of business and technology is global, and that means training must also be offered in a multitude of native languages.

As experts in providing global training solutions, we understand the needs of your global employees and customers when it comes to learning. Not only do we offer translation services, but we also address localization to provide accurate, culturally correct, and effective training content.

From concept to delivery, our globalized educational solutions are created with your specific audience in mind. All materials are provided in clear, understandable language, making learning an enjoyable process while providing your organization with the highest return on your educational investment.

NetCom Learning provides translation and localization services to create content as per region and culture.

We specialize in creating multi-lingual versions of a course to meet the localization requirements of our clients.

We partner with native language experts and voice over artists that enable us to meet the translation and localization requirements of our clients.


Translation Services:

  • » Translating a document (text only)
  • » Translating text and graphics in a document
  • » Translating Courses and Videos
    • » Closed captioning only.
    • » Voice over - Multiple voices.
    • » Closed captioning and voice over.
    • » Localized background and voice over.
  • » Localization vs translation . consideration of local culture

NetCom Learning offers a one-stop global learning solution for companies doing business around the world, allowing for peace of mind, cost-effectiveness, and consistent communication and training of employees or clients.

Our global learning team is experienced with taking current training materials, and translating and custom tailoring content to our customers' specific needs with reference to locale and local culture. This ensures that your employees or clients have the best possible learning outcome.

Choose from more than 100 languages, and we will provide accurate, culturally correct, and effective training content created from learning material you supply or that is provided by NetCom Learning.

From online or print courseware to the translation of Websites, reports, or white papers, we can help. All work is done quickly and to your specifications.



Why Choose NetCom Learning: We believe that an organization's ability to learn and translate that learning into rapid action - is the ultimate competitive advantage.


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