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NetCom Learning Press Release


NetCom Learning announce new Content Localization & Translation Service

NetCom now offers clients globalized training options with videos & learning content translated & localized

New York, NY - May 14, 2015 - NetCom Learning, the leaders in managed learning solutions, announce the addition of content localization and translation service to its roster of training options. The growth of globalization and multinational companies doing business across the world, increases the need for companies to deliver consistent communication to employees where ever they are. This global communication must also include learning and training solutions that can be custom designed in employees native languages and local dialect. NetCom Learning now offers the ability to provide training materials including both videos and textual material that has been translated and localized in clear understandable language that can make learning an enjoyable and effective process providing organizations with the highest return on their educational investments. The new content localization and translation service makes NetCom Learning a one stop global learning solutions for multinational and international companies, makes training cost effective, and consistent for all employees.

''Our new content localization and translation service means that our customers have the best ability possible to provide consistent training to all employees irregardless of location and language issues'' said Russell Sarder, CEO of NetCom Learning.

NetCom's Content Localization and Translation Service

When you use NetCom Learning's new Content Localization and Translation Service you get access to experts in providing global training solutions who understand the needs of your global employees when it comes to learning. All globalized educational solutions are created with your specific audience in mind from concept to delivery. As a customer you can choose from more than 100 languages for translation services knowing that we will provide you with accurate, culturally correct and effective content of learning material provided by you or by NetCom Learning. NetCom's experienced global learning team know how important it is to our customers provide their employees with current learning materials that have been custom tailored in terms of locale and local culture and language thereby ensuring the best possible learning outcome. Content Localization and Translation Services include translating a document (text only), translation of text and graphics, translation of videos which can include closed captions only, voice over only, closed captioning and voice over, localized background and voice over. Translation can include online or print courseware, websites, reports and white papers.

For more information click on NetCom's Content Localization and Translation Service

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