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SarderTV Offers New Learning from CEO's Video of Henry Paulson former CEO of Goldman Sachs & the 74th U.S. Secretary of Treasury

Presentation by Henry Paulson at meeting of the Inc. Magazine Business Owners Council

New York, NY - July 23, 2014 - SarderTV, the media company created by Russell Sarder, CEO of NetCom Learning, experts in IT and business education, announced a new video featuring Henry Paulson, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs and 74th U.S. Secretary of the Treasury has joined the database of Learning from CEO's videos. SarderTV is an expanding collection of video interviews with influential and prestigious experts in various subjects. This latest video with Henry Paulson was produced in conjunction with Inc. Magazine Business Owners Council, at which Paulson was a recent speaker. Paulson discusses a wide variety of topics including: mentorship, the future of investment banking, taking Goldman Sachs public, the handling of the economic crisis while he was Secretary of the Treasury, leading during a crisis, and his view of bank excesses. The moderator for the session was Lewis Schiff Executive Director of Inc. Magazine Business Owners Council.

"We are honored to be able to bring this important presentation by Henry Paulson in front of the Business Owners Council to the general public," said Russell Sarder, CEO of NetCom Learning. "Henry Paulson has so much to teach us, from entrepreneurship to running a business to understanding financial crises. SarderTV gives us a platform in which to share his knowledge so more can learn," said Sarder.

The Inc. Magazine Business Owners Council which invited Henry Paulson to speak is made up of top entrepreneurs and owners of closely held businesses. It provides Council members with peer-to-peer support and connects leaders with members so they can discuss best business practices and learn from each other.

In the candid presentation, viewers learn from Paulson the inside story of what it was like working with President Bush and how he helped lead the country through the banking financial crisis and government bailout, his early years as an investment banker, and how a case of dry heaves may have helped him with Congress. In addition, Paulson provides his rules for leadership, and his forecast for future financial bubbles.

Henry Paulson's interview is now part of SarderTV is an expanding collection of video interviews with influential and prestigious experts in various subjects. SarderTV offers provoking, educational and candid interviews for entrepreneurs and professionals to use as self-development tools. The database is part of the international "Learning Movement" created by Russell Sarder to help spread knowledge and inspire a passion in lifelong learning. Operating on the premise that motivated individuals can learn from the experience, the success and the mistakes of others, SarderTV provides a unique opportunity to see and hear influential personalities talk about the subjects that matter to them. Some of the past interviewees have included Ira Neimark, former CEO of Bergdorf Goodman, Susan Davis, CEO of BRAC USA, and Dan Hoffman, President and CEO of M5 Networks.

Don't miss this informational presentation by Henry Paulson at SarderTV.

SarderTV is currently seeking leaders to interview and is targeting leaders from Fortune 500 companies and exceptional public figures like Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Collins, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and many more. According to the National Venture Capital Association, more than 30 percent to $600 million this year has been invested in Web-based education. For investors seeking an opportunity to participate in a multimillion dollar idea SarderTV presents an excellent investment. Investors interested in becoming a part of SarderTV are invited to get in touch via email at:

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SarderTV is a media company that produces exclusive educational programming with top leaders in their industries, as well as motivational videos encouraging the public to succeed in their personal and professional lives. Russell Sarder, CEO of Sarder TV, has interviewed a series of leaders who have shared their experiences and how they were able to achieve their success.eriences and how they were able to achieve their success.

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