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NetCom Learning Press Release


NetCom Learning is a Silver Stevie Winner from the American Business Awards for Company of the Year

The company innovation, profitable growth, trust factors and learning culture helped earn it recognition for the prestigious award.

New York, NY - July 9, 2012 - NetCom Learning, the innovative leader in IT, business and executive training to companies, individuals, and government agencies, just announced that it was honored with a Silver Stevie Award by the American Business Awards for Company of the Year in Diversified Services.

Russell Sarder, CEO of NetCom Learning, said the award was a well-earned one and a great honor.

"NetCom Learning has made great strides in its efforts to promote the values of lifelong learning and in starting a learning movement. Along the way, it has become a trusted and respected learning organization, and this award reaffirms that. It is an honor to receive this recognition," Sarder said.

NetCom Learning's purpose is to promote the values of lifelong learning, and the organization emphasizes that through its many course offerings as well as through the learning movement it has begun. One of the most successful ways the organization promotes the importance of lifelong learning is through the Sarder Scholarship. The monthly $2,500 Sarder Scholarship helps students wanting to pursue an IT career to reach their goals.

NetCom Learning has built a strong brand based on its factors of culture, trust, choices, experience and growth.

With a mission to grow the company profitably each year by becoming the most respected and trusted learning organization, NetCom Learning has fostered a sense of trust with its clients by delivering quality training. That training has been trusted by over 80 percent of the Fortune 100 and over 45,500 business customers.

To meet such high demand for its training and courses, NetCom Learning focuses on giving its clients a variety of choices. To that end, the organization has expanded not only its course offerings, but the sites where those courses are offered as well. The organization expanded its physical locations last year to include the Washington D.C. area as training demands increased. Students have their choice of over 1,000 live and online courses from more than 20 vendors delivered in regular course training style, boot camp, accelerated or one-on-one.

NetCom Learning's efforts at offering a customer-driven culture have resulted in building a trust factor that includes high instructor evaluations with most instructors getting an 8.6 out of the 9 average. Instructors have a cumulative 10,500 years of experience, and their courses have produced more than 1,400 client testimonials.

All of that equates to growth, and in NetCom Learning's case, that growth has been profitable. NetCom Learning has become a multimillion dollar company, enjoying profitability each year since its inception in 1998. Through careful brand positioning and superior product offerings, NetCom Learning has increased market share and built a well-respected organization in the learning community. NetCom Learning was able to do that by heightening its media coverage and online presence, grabbing 76 percent of the learning industry presence online.

NetCom Learning continues to increase its share of the IT and soft skills learning industries, which together make up a $48 billion market, by focusing on its core values of promoting a learning movement, building on its learning culture, developing a brand that is trusted in the industry, and continuing its innovative thinking with solutions like its award-winning Learning CMS, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for the education and learning industry, which can power any education or learning organization.

The organization will combine its soft skills training with the insight of renowned world leaders, like Jack Welch, Bill Clinton, Richard Branson, Fareed Zakaria and Jim Collins, at the World Business Forum, Oct. 2-3 in New York City. NetCom Learning is co-promoting the event along with HSM on the heels of a successful co-production of the World Innovation Forum. The World Business Forum will present an opportunity for professionals to gain invaluable insight from world leaders while gaining a powerful networking experience with like-minded individuals. To find out more about the World Business Forum, visit

To find out more about NetCom Learning, visit

About NetCom Learning
NetCom Learning is an innovative leader in IT, business and executive training to companies, individuals, and government agencies. Since its inception in 1998, NetCom Learning has trained over 80 percent of the Fortune 100, serviced over 45,500 business customers, and advanced the skills of more than 71,000 professionals through hands-on, expert-led training, with the organization maintaining an average instructor evaluation score of 8.6 out of 9. NetCom Learning was recognized by Microsoft Corporation as its Worldwide Training Partner of the Year and named twice to Inc. Magazine's list of fastest growing private companies in America. The organization was also recently named to the 2011 IT Training Companies Watch List by and was named "Company of the Year" by the American Business Awards.
The purpose of NetCom Learning is to promote the values of lifelong learning.


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