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PhoneGap for Mobile Application Training Courses

About the PhoneGap for Mobile Application

Duration: 6 days (48 hours)

This course teaches software developers to develop applications for mobile devices with the help of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. PhoneGap is a mobile development framework and at present it supports development for the operating systems such as Nokia Symbian OS, Google Android, Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows Phone (7 and 8), Tizen (SDK 2.x), Ubuntu Touch, LG webOS, and RIM BlackBerry

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This training consists of the following courses:

PhoneGap for Mobile Application   More on this course

6 days | 48 hours

arrow Course Objectives

  • » Control Android Virtual Device
  • » Create a jQuery Mobile layout
  • » Adjust the accelerometer sensor update interval
  • » Create a local SQLite database
  • » Comprehend the DOM manipulation
  • » Use Adobe Dreamweaver to build up Cordova applications
  • » Comprehend the plugin repository
  • » Update element styles
  • » Record audio within application

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arrow Course Outline

  • 1. Phonegap Introduction
    1. Introduction
    2. History
    3. Architecture
  • 2. Introduction tHTML & CSS
    1. Basics
    2. Simple website making
    3. Styling using CSS
  • 3. Adding functionalities using jQuery/JavaScript
  • 4. Setting up of environment
    1. Downloading and installing PhoneGap
    2. Installing PhoneGap in eclipse
    3. Making hellworld
  • 5. Introduction and usage of Phonegap Build Services
  • 6. User Interface Development with jQuery Mobile
    1. Introduction
    2. Creating Pages
    3. GUI making
    4. Navigation bar, buttons, grids and Other Controls
    5. Persisting data between jQuery Mobile pages
  • 7. PhoneGap API
    1. Movement and Location
    2. Detecting device movement using the accelerometer
    3. Obtaining device geolocation sensor information
    4. Retrieving map data through geolocation coordinates
    5. File System, Storage, and Local Databases
    6. Saving a file tdevice storage
    7. oOpening a local file from device storage
    8. Displaying the contents of a directory
    9. Creating a local SQLite database
    10. Working with Audio, Images, and Video
    11. Recording audiwithin your application
    12. Playing audifiles from the local filesystem
    13. Capturing videusing the devices viderecording application
    14. Loading a photograph from the devices camera roll/library
    15. Working with Your Contacts
    16. Listing all available contacts
    17. Displaying contact information for a specific individual
    18. Creating and saving a new contact
    19. Work with Native Events
    20. Pausing your application
    21. Resuming your application
    22. Displaying the status of the device battery levels
    23. Displaying network connection status
  • 8. Extending PhoneGap with Plugins
    1. Extending your Cordova application with a native plugin
    2. Extending your Cordova iOS application with a native plugin
    3. The plugin repository
  • 9. Deploying and testing
    1. Compiling it tAPK files
    2. Exporting tandroid device
    3. Testing app on Emulator
    4. Testing app on Device
  • 10. App Store Submission
    1. Signing Android applications
    2. Submitting the app tGoogle Play Store

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