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Cisco Learning Credits

As an authorized Cisco Learning Associate Partner, NetCom Learning proudly accepts Cisco learning credits. If your organization participates in a Cisco learning credit program, you can attend Cisco training at NetCom Learning for free, by redeeming your Cisco credits.


What are Cisco Learning Credits?

Do I Have Cisco Learning Credits?

CLCs are prepaid training dollars that are converted to units called "credits". Each Learning Credit carries a face value of $100 USD and is used towards training with NetCom, an authorized Cisco training partner. CLCs are ordered like a Cisco product or service and are valid for ONE YEAR from date of activation.

What is the benefit of Cisco Learning Credits?

With the Cisco Learning Credit benefit, you can realize greater efficiency through instructor-led training at NetCom, a Cisco Learning Associate Partner. Offering the unrivaled ability to purchase, redeem and manage Cisco authorized training at NetCom , Cisco Learning Credits empower you to better optimize your Cisco network investment and benefit from a well-trained IT staff.
Specific benefits include:

  •   Learning Voucher Pass / Reduce the time, effort, and expense of generating multiple purchase orders for    training at NetCom.
  •   Ensures highest quality of training, through authorized Cisco training at NetCom.
  •   Empower customers to better optimize their Cisco network investment.

Why choose NetCom for Cisco training?

Why NetCom?

  •   Learning Voucher Pass / Latest Cisco Authorized Content.
  •   Cisco Certified Instructors.
  •   Virtual practice labs using the latest Cisco equipment.
  •   Simulations created by Cisco to help prepare for Cisco Exams.
  •   Comprehensive learning needs and skills-gap analysis.
  •   Customized courses.

How do I redeem my Cisco Learning Credits?

CLCs can be used for instructor-led, publicly scheduled Cisco authorized courses held at NetCom. Each CLC has a value of $100 and can be combined to purchase standard Cisco classes. Cisco Learning Credits are valid for one year. The courses must begin before the expiration of the CLCs and they cannot be combined with other discounts or offers. Other restrictions may apply.

Redeeming your training benefits is easy. You select how many employees you need trained, which courses they need training for, and give us the Cisco Sales Order number associated with your CLCs, and - the number of CLCs needed for the class. We take care of scheduling your employees as well as redeeming the credits for you. Your employees simply attend training at NetCom or at your facility. To learn more about activating your CLCs and redeeming them at NetCom, please contact us at (212) 629-7265 or email

Which Cisco courses can I attend using my CLCs?

You can apply your Cisco Learning Credits towards any of Cisco networking classes at NetCom. For a listing of Cisco courses available at NetCom, please visit Cisco Training @ NetCom

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