SL304A - Changing Accounting Principles for the New Economy

SL304A - Changing Accounting Principles for the New Economy Course Description

Duration: 30.00 days (0.5 hours)

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Not much has changed in general accounting principles and reporting requirements for companies in the last few decades. Baruch Lev, Professor at the New York University, has a strong opinion that things need to change to reflect the transformations that have occurred in how companies conduct business in recent years. In this course, Changing Accounting Principles, Baruch Lev provides his thoughts on the benefits that could occur if accounting practices were updated to reflect how companies are valued.

The discussion include topics such as: The tectonic change in how companies are doing business today; how these changes have come about through a move from an industrial age to current times where businesses are focused on knowledge and information; the definition of a knowledge-based economy; three major factors why the current financial accounting rules and required reports have become less useful in determining the health of a company or an industry; why today’s financial accounting principles are out of date and not useful in analyzing a company’s financial health; the “conservative principle” and the part it plays in the current accounting financial rules; and what it would mean for businesses and the stock market if accounting practices took into consideration a company’s intangible assets such as brand strength, a new patent or whether a pharmaceutical company was about to be approved for a new drug release.

Course Methodology

This self paced e-learning course is based on an exclusive interview with Baruch Lev, Professor at the New York University

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    Intended Audience for this SL304A - Changing Accounting Principles for the New Economy Course

    • » Accountants
    • » Financial services Professionals
    • » Financial Analysts
    • » Business Students
    • » Executives
    • » Entrepreneurs

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    SL304A - Changing Accounting Principles for the New Economy Course Objectives

    • » How new Business Models & Knowledge economy is affecting Accounting?
    • » Three factors responsible for the Deterioration of Financial Accounting
    • » Key reasons why Standard Accounting Principles are not useful Today
    • » The concept of “Conservative Principle”
    • » Accounting for intangibles and the Role of Estimates in Accounting
    • » Biggest hurdle in reforming Accounting Principles

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    SL304A - Changing Accounting Principles for the New Economy Course Outline

        1. Accounting and New Business Models
          1. Accounting should Evolve with Time
          2. The Emergence of a Knowledge based Economy
        2. Traditional Financial Principles are Losing Utility
          1. Reasons for Deterioration
          2. Newer Business Requirements
          3. Concept of "The Conservative Principle"
        3. Reforming Accounting Practices
          1. Accounting for Intangibles
          2. Role of Estimates
          3. Transformational Hurdles

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