Introduction to Motion 5

Introduction to Motion 5 Course Description

Duration: 3.00 days (24 hours)

In this course, you will create brilliant titles, transitions, effects, and more with Motion 5, the motion graphics companion to Final Cut Pro X. In this hands-on course, you will learn the fundamentals of motion graphics and develop skills in compositing, animation, and the world of 3D. You will also explore new intelligent templates to quickly and flexibly create high-quality effects, titles, transitions, and generators, and you will learn to create rigs to adjust related parameters with a single control.

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Intended Audience for this Introduction to Motion 5 Course

  • » Students looking to learn more about creating motion graphics using Motion 5

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Introduction to Motion 5 Course Objectives

  • » Create Smart Motion Templates and publish them to Final Cut Pro X
  • » Create parameter rigs to quickly adjust related parameters with a single control
  • » Behavior-based animation
  • » Use keyframes to create animation
  • » Create content with Generators, shapes, and paint strokes
  • » Stabilizing and tracking media
  • » Animating cameras and using advanced 3D features

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Introduction to Motion 5 Course Outline

      1. 1. Getting Around in Motion
        1. Following a new paradigm
        2. Opening Motion, importing video, and setting a play range
        3. Transforming and duplicating a clip
        4. Adding effects and hiding and showing the project pane
        5. Stylizing with filters, framing with a mask, and compositing with a blend mode
        6. Adding text, animating with text, and using library content
        7. Arranging layers, using function keys, and outputting projects
      2. 2. Building a Composite
        1. Setting up a project
        2. Creating a background using the inspector
        3. Using Photoshop files
        4. Compositing with blend modes and filters
        5. Editing in Motion 5
        6. Making overwrite edits
        7. Managing timeline tracks
        8. Applying masks, using clones, and importing motion projects
      3. 3. Creating Animation with Behaviors
        1. Adding basic Motion behaviors
        2. Stacking behaviors
        3. Using basic Motion behaviors in 3D
        4. Using simulation behaviors
        5. Applying parameter behaviors
        6. Cloning a group, combining behaviors, and adding a light
      4. 4. Animating with Keyframes
        1. Recording keyframes
        2. Changing keyframes interpolation
        3. Setting keyframes manually
        4. Using keyframes on multiple parameters and working with multiple keyframe curves
        5. Animating crop with keyframes
      5. 5. Creating Content with Generators, Shapes, and Paint Strokes
        1. Drawing shapes
        2. Creating a background with a generator
        3. Searching for content and modifying animated content
        4. Masking with images and importing vector graphics
        5. Working with paint strokes
        6. Using shape behaviors and using the Bezier tool
      6. 6. Creating Text Effects
        1. Creating, formatting, and styling text layers
        2. Saving and applying text style presets
        3. Duplicating, editing, and aligning text layers
        4. Applying text behaviors
        5. Using the Glyph tool
        6. Saving a text animation favorite and adding motion blur
      7. 7. Working with Particle Emitters and Replicators
        1. Using emitters to make particle systems
        2. Adjusting emitter and cell controls in the inspector
        3. Adding cells and using emitters from the library
        4. Replicating elements and modifying replicator presets
      8. 8. Using Audio
        1. Importing audio
        2. Setting markers and keyframes in the audio editor
        3. Working with audio and video
        4. Editing to the beat and animating with audio
      9. 9. Speed Changes and Optical Flow
        1. Creating constant speed changes
        2. Using frame blending and optical flow
        3. Creating speed ramps with keyframes
        4. Creating speed effects with retiming behaviors and using time filters
      10. 10. Stabilizing, Tracking, and Keying
        1. Tracking and stabilizing a shot
        2. Keying green screen footage
        3. Creating garbage masks
        4. Correcting color for seamless compositing
      11. 11. Publishing Smart Templates for Final Cut Pro X
        1. Setting up the Final Cut Pro project
        2. Working with effects presets and modifying effects presets
        3. Creating smart motion templates
        4. Completing the animation
        5. Using build-in and build-out markers and publishing parameters
      12. 12. Rigging and Publishing Widgets
        1. Rigging a checkbox widget and modifying, testing, and publishing a widget
        2. Deconstructing a transition project
        3. Rigging a pop-up widget
        4. Using the link parameter behavior
        5. Creating a Final Cut effect
        6. Rigging the slider widget and publishing widgets and parameters
      13. 13. Building a 3D Scene
        1. Making 3D transformations in the canvas
        2. Converting 2D groups to 3D
        3. Adding and working with cameras
        4. Arranging and modifying groups and layers in 3D space, and mixing 2D and 3D groups
      14. 14. Animating Cameras and Using Advanced 3D Features
        1. Animating a camera with behaviors
        2. Using advanced 3D features
        3. Working with depth of field
        4. Turning on reflections
        5. Using lights and shadows and exporting advanced 3D features

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