Legal Discovery Using Symantec Enterprise Vault 11 Discovery Accelerator

Legal Discovery Using Symantec Enterprise Vault 11 Discovery Accelerator Course Description

Duration: 3.00 days (24 hours)

The Legal Discovery Using Symantec Enterprise Vault 11 Discovery Accelerator course is designed for those who use Discovery Accelerator to search, review, and prepare archived items in support of information requests.

This class describes the steps involved in setting up discovery searches and explains how to review, analyze, and export the search results. In addition, using research folders and setting up marks and tags are discussed. Also included are analytics and client review.

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Intended Audience for this Legal Discovery Using Symantec Enterprise Vault 11 Discovery Accelerator Course

  • » This course is for users of Discovery Accelerator and other individuals who use Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator to retrieve requested business information.

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Legal Discovery Using Symantec Enterprise Vault 11 Discovery Accelerator Course Objectives

  • » Define how Discovery Accelerator is used to meet a company's search demands
  • » Set up research folders to perform proactive investigation.
  • » Use marks to indicate the status of an item.
  • » Use tags to pose a question in a case.
  • » Search, review, export, and produce items that have been requested.
  • » Turn on and use Analytics, Automatic Categorization, and Conversation View.
  • » Schedule and run Discovery Accelerator reports.

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Legal Discovery Using Symantec Enterprise Vault 11 Discovery Accelerator Course Outline

      1. Lesson 1: Introduction to Administering Enterprise Vault
        1. How does Enterprise Vault work?
        2. Administering Enterprise Vault overview
        3. Managing administration security
        4. Administration Console overview
      2. Lesson 2: Exploring the Enterprise Vault Environment
        1. Component overview
        2. Assessing the Enterprise Vault environment health
      3. Lesson 3: Introduction to Enterprise Vault Storage
        1. Archive storage overview
        2. Determining current storage state and usage
      4. Lesson 4: Maintaining Enterprise Vault Targets
        1. Adding Exchange targets
        2. Archiving from an Exchange DAG
      5. Lesson 5: Managing Enterprise Vault User Archiving
        1. Determining what is archived
        2. Applying archiving options to mailboxes
      6. Lesson 6: Managing Enterprise Vault User Settings
        1. Managing user settings
        2. Adding users to the Enterprise Vault environment
      7. Lesson 7: Managing Client Access - Part I
        1. Accessing archived items: Overview
        2. Supporting Exchange client access: Outlook
        3. Supporting Exchange client access: Vault Cache and Virtual Vault
      8. Lesson 8: Managing Client Access - Part II
        1. Accessing archived items: Overview
        2. Supporting Exchange client access: Office Mail App
        3. Supporting Exchange client access: OWA
      9. Lesson 9: Managing Client Access - Part III
        1. Accessing archived items: Overview
        2. Supporting client access: IMAP
      10. Lesson 10: Maintaining Journal Archiving
        1. Journal archiving overview
        2. Monitoring journal archiving
        3. Maintaining journal archiving
      11. Lesson 11: Maintaining Enterprise Vault Storage
        1. Expanding the storage configuration
        2. Maintaining storage locations
        3. Modifying storage
      12. Lesson 12: Managing Enterprise Vault Storage Retention and Deletion
        1. Managing storage retention and expiry
        2. Collection and Migration overview
      13. Lesson 13: Managing Indexes and Search
        1. Index and search overview
        2. Monitoring Indexes
        3. Maintaining Indexes
        4. Supporting search
      14. Lesson 14: Maintaining Enterprise Vault Servers - Part I
        1. Monitoring and maintaining an Enterprise Vault server
        2. Monitoring tasks and services
        3. Maintaining tasks
      15. Lesson 15: Maintaining Enterprise Vault Servers - Part II
        1. Monitoring and maintaining message queues
        2. Maintaining database resources
      16. Lesson 16: Migrating PST Files - Introduction
        1. PST migration: Overview
        2. Using PST migration tools
        3. Configuring PST settings
      17. Lesson 17: Migrating PST Files - Performing Migrations
        1. Migrating with client-driven PST migration
        2. Migrating with server-driven migration
      18. Lesson 18: Managing User Archives
        1. Managing user archives: Overview
        2. Managing archive permissions
        3. Migrating archives
        4. Moving archives
        5. Configuring user deletion and recovery
      19. Lesson 19: Applying Changes to the Enterprise Vault Environment
        1. Managing monitoring and reporting
        2. Upgrading an Enterprise Vault servers
        3. Expanding the Enterprise Vault environment
      20. Lesson 20: Introduction to Enterprise Vault Troubleshooting
        1. Using Enterprise Vault server tools
        2. Using Enterprise Vault client tools
        3. Working with Symantec Support
      21. Lesson 21: Backing up Enterprise Vault
        1. Enterprise Vault Components to back up
        2. Using Backup Mode
        3. Backup options and strategies
        4. Configuring Collection and Migration
      22. Lesson 22: Recovering Enterprise Vault
        1. Performing disaster recovery
        2. Configuring Enterprise Vault high availability

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