Client Management Suite 7.5: Administration

Client Management Suite 7.5: Administration Course Description

Duration: 5.00 days (40 hours)

The Symantec Client Management Suite 7.5 Administration course is designed for professionals tasked with using Symantec Client Management Suite (CMS) to manage their software and hardware resources in their organizations.

This five-day, instructor-led, hands-on course teaches students the underlying components and concepts of the Symantec Management Platform along with the Symantec Management Console that is used by CMS to perform its management functions. Students learn how to use CMS's software solutions to collect inventory, manage their software catalog, deliver and meter software, apply software updates and remotely control computer resources. Students also learn how to use platform and CMS reports to track and monitor their environment. Included are supplemental lessons on Site Management and Security.

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Intended Audience for this Client Management Suite 7.5: Administration Course

  • » This course is for IT administrators who will be maintaining and installing software, taking inventory of computers, distributing software updates to computers or remotely managing computers.

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Client Management Suite 7.5: Administration Course Objectives

  • » Discover and import computer and user resources
  • » Discover and import computer and user resources that you want to manage
  • » Deploy the Symantec Management Agent and plug-ins
  • » Gather hardware, software and operating system inventory from managed computers
  • » Maintain a software catalog containing software components
  • » Deliver software to managed computers
  • » Meter software on managed computers
  • » Distribute software updates to managed computers
  • » Remotely manage computers
  • » Analyze gathered data using predefined reports

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Client Management Suite 7.5: Administration Course Outline

      1. Introduction
        1. Course overview
        2. The classroom lab environment
      2. Understanding the Symantec Client Management Suite
        1. Symantec Client Management Suite demonstration
        2. Learning about the Symantec Client Management Suite
        3. Symantec Management Platform components used by CMS
        4. Symantec Management Platform concepts used by CMS
        5. How the platform and CMS work
      3. The Symantec Management Console
        1. The Symantec Management Console
        2. Accessing the Symantec Management Console
        3. Getting to know the Symantec Management Console
        4. Getting to know the enhanced console views
      4. Symantec Management Platform Basics
        1. Symantec Management Platform Basics
        2. Importing computer resources from Active Directory
        3. Discover computer resources using Network Discovery
        4. Grouping resources
        5. Applying CMS policies to resource targets
      5. Deploying the Symantec Management Agent
        1. Installing the Symantec Management Agent-push method
        2. Installing the Symantec Management Agent-pull method
        3. Installing solution plug-ins for the Symantec Management Agent
        4. Working with the Symantec Management Agent GUI
      6. Gathering Inventory from Managed Computers
        1. Introducing Inventory Solution
        2. Creating and configuring inventory policies
        3. Using inventory tasks
        4. Other Inventory Solution capabilities
        5. Introducing inventory report
      7. Managing the Software Catalog
        1. Preparing the Software Management Framework to support the Software Catalog
        2. Populating the Software Catalog with software components
        3. Working with software component resources
        4. Creating and configuring software products
      8. Delivering Software to Managed Computers
        1. Choosing a method to deliver software
        2. Understanding the software blade of the enhanced console view
        3. Managing software deliveries with tasks
        4. Installing software using a managed software delivery policy
        5. Introducing software management reports
      9. Managing Software with Application Metering
        1. Understanding Application Metering
        2. Tracking software usage on managed computers
        3. Metering software with Application Metering policies
        4. Application metering report
      10. Managing Organizational Views and Organizational Groups
        1. Learning about organizational views and groups
        2. Creating custom organizational views and group
        3. Managing organizational views and group
      11. Managing Resource Filters and Resource Targets
        1. More about resource filters
        2. Managing and working with existing filters
        3. Creating and modifying filters
        4. More about resource targets
        5. Working with targets
      12. Managing Software Updates on Windows Computers
        1. Introducing Patch Management Solution for Windows
        2. Preparing your environment for Patch Management
        3. Distributing software updates
        4. Patch Management Solution report
      13. Remotely Managing Computers
        1. Introducing pcAnywhere Solution
        2. Establishing and managing remote connections
        3. Overview or Real-Time System Manger
        4. Remote management reports
      14. Managing Policies
        1. Getting to know policies
        2. Understanding user-based policies
        3. Understanding maintenance windows
        4. Configuring automation policies
        5. Managing shared schedule
      15. Managing Jobs and Tasks
        1. Overview of task management
        2. Creating and scheduling tasks and jobs
      16. Overview of Deployment Solution
        1. Introducing Deployment Solution
        2. Configuring Deployment Solution
        3. Creating and managing deployment jobs and tasks
        4. Deployment Solution imaging
      17. Reporting
        1. Introducing reports
        2. Using and creating standard reports
        3. Configuring and using IT Analytics Solution
      18. Site Management
        1. Introducing site management
        2. Managing sites, subnets and site servers
        3. Reviewing site server plug-ins to the Symantec Management Agent
        4. Configuring site services
      19. Security
        1. Learning about security
        2. Managing user accounts, security roles, and privileges
        3. Managing permissions
      20. Managing Virtualized Software
        1. Introducing Symantec Workspace Virtualization
        2. Installing the Symantec Workspace Virtualization
        3. Using CMS to deliver virtualized software

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