Kanban Management Professional

Kanban Management Professional Course Description

Duration: 2.00 days (16 hours)

The Kanban method is an evolutionary approach to change and change management by starting with what you already do; respecting current roles; responsibilities and job titles; encouraging acts of leadership at all levels, and agreeing to pursue incremental, evolutionary change that evolves business processes using a Kaizen approach that reduces the risks associated with complex change programs. Participants will gain sufficient knowledge about the Kanban Method and related topics

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Intended Audience for this Kanban Management Professional Course

  • » This course is useful for anyone who wants to be successful using Kanban within their Organization, or anyone who works with teams utilizing Kanban. In terms of roles, the course is suitable for Product, Project and Program Managers, Development Team Members (including but not limited to Architects, Designers, Developers, Testers), Business Analysts and Scrum Product Owners and Scrum Masters who want to enhance their Lean / Agile skillset.

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Kanban Management Professional Course Objectives

  • » Identify internal and external sources of dissatisfaction
  • » Analyze demand vs capability
  • » Model the knowledge discovery process
  • » Design Kanban systems and their visualizations
  • » Identify/prioritize improvements
  • » Choose cadences for activities
  • » Identify classes of service
  • » Create a rollout plan, negotiating strategy with stakeholders

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Kanban Management Professional Course Outline

      1. Kanban Introduction
        1. What is Kanban?
        2. Kanban with a big --K-- and little --k--
        3. Principles of the Kanban Method
        4. Kanban Core Practices
        5. When is Kanban Typically Used?
      2. Identify Work Items:
        1. Demand Analysis
        2. Handling Large Work Items
        3. Kanban Cards
        4. Sizing Work Items
      3. Value Streams
        1. What is a Value Stream
        2. Mapping the Knowledge Discovery Process through Value Stream Mapping
      4. Kanban Boards
        1. The Relationship between a Kanban Board and the Value Stream
        2. Setting up and using a Kanban Board
        3. Different Options for Kanban Boards
        4. Queues and Buffers
      5. Limit Work In Progress (WIP)
        1. Queuing Theory -- Little--s Law
        2. Calculating Lead Time
        3. Calculating Throughput
        4. Calculating WIP
        5. Calculating Release Time
        6. Why Limit WIP
        7. Techniques to Limit WIP
        8. Where to Apply WIP Limits
      6. Make Management Policies Explicit
        1. Definition of --Done--
        2. Classes of Service
        3. Cost of Delay
        4. Service Level Agreements
      7. Measuring and Managing Flow
        1. Cumulative Flow Diagrams in Relation to Kanban
        2. How to Produce a Cumulative Flow Diagram
        3. How to Measure Lead Time
        4. How to Measure WIP
        5. How to Measure Flow
        6. Optimizing Flow
        7. How to use the Cumulative Flow Diagram to Identify Problems
        8. Five Focusing Steps to Remove Bottlenecks
        9. Interpreting a Control Chart
        10. Interpreting a lead time distribution chart
      8. Sources of Variability
        1. Sources of dissatisfaction
        2. The impact of variability
        3. Techniques and strategies for removing variability
      9. Empirical Feedback
        1. Improvement Kata
        2. Cadence and Rhythm
        3. Daily Standups
        4. Retrospectives
        5. Operations Review
      10. Apply your learning
        1. Team-Based Realistic Simulation of a Kanban System in Practice
      11. Kanban in your Organization
        1. The Context for Change
        2. The Steps required to Build a Kanban system
        3. Apply a Kanban System to your Organization
        4. Prepare a Roll-Out Plan for your Organization

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Kanban Management Professional Course Benefits

  • » Lead or guide a team in their adoption of Kanban from initial visualization and the design of Kanban systems through to evolutionary change
  • » Answer questions and support the team in day-to-day operation
  • » Help teams to identify and resolve hindrances to flow
  • » Take measurements and create meaningful metrics that helps the team
  • » Evolve process and practice according to team needs, in a meaningful way
  • » Connect with the Kanban community for the sharing of practical experiences and the development of new ideas and techniques

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