IBM i Administration and Control

IBM i Administration and Control Course Description

Duration: 4.50 days (36 hours)

This class provides an introduction to System i Administration and Control for the System Administrator and the Advanced System Operations Staff. Emphasis is placed on System Management and Administration, System Configuration and Maintenance, Backup and Recovery, IBM Support, Security Management and Auditing capabilities.

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Intended Audience for this IBM i Administration and Control Course

  • » This course is designed for the System Administrator and the Advanced System Operations Staff.

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IBM i Administration and Control Course Objectives

  • » System i Menus and Control Language Commands
  • » Objects and Libraries
  • » Working with the System Values (Global Settings)
  • » Working with Messages
  • » Introduction to Work Management
  • » Controlling Jobs
  • » Scheduling Jobs for Recurring Submission
  • » Working with Printer Output
  • » Backup and Recovery
  • » Working with Devices and Communications
  • » Other System Administration Tasks
  • » Using Service Tools (SST and DST)
  • » Working with Function Usage
  • » IBM's Fix Central and Support Site
  • » Administration using IBM's System i Navigator
  • » System i Security Concepts
  • » System Level Security
  • » Object Based Security Architecture
  • » Working with User Profiles
  • » Using SECTOOLS and SECBATCH Menus
  • » Network Security
  • » Security Auditing Capabilities

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IBM i Administration and Control Course Outline

      1. System i Menus and Control Language Commands
        1. Menus for System Administration
        2. Control Language Commands for System
        3. Administration
        4. Finding the right CL Command or Menu
      2. Objects and Libraries
        1. Using the WRKOBJ command the Find facility
        2. Working with Libraries and Objects using IBM's
        3. PDM
        4. Overview of the File Systems (IFS)
        5. Job Library List concepts - Using *LIBL
      3. Working with the System Values (Global Settings)
        1. Working with Messages
        2. Displaying and Sending Messages
        3. Working with Message Queues
        4. The QSYSOPR and QSYSMSG Message Queues
        5. Managing the QHST History Log
      4. Introduction to Work Management
        1. Subsystems and Subsystem Descriptions
        2. Configuring Subsystem Workstation Entries
        3. Job Queues and Output Queues
        4. Creating and Using Job Descriptions
      5. Controlling Jobs
        1. Working with Jobs
        2. Handling Error Conditions
        3. Interactive and Batch jobs
        4. Using the SBMJOB Command
        5. Examining the Job Log
      6. Scheduling Jobs for Recurring Submission
        1. Using the Job Scheduler (WRKJOBSCDE)
      7. Working with Printer Output
        1. Managing Printer Output
        2. Working with Spooled Files
        3. Working with Output Queues
      8. Backup and Recovery
        1. Save and Restore Operations (Tape & SAVE Files)
        2. Developing and Implementing a Backup Strategy
        3. Verifying the System Backup Status
        4. New IBM i 6.1 and 7.1 Save/Restore Options
      9. Working with Devices and Communications
        1. Working with Printer and Workstation Devices
        2. Working with Communication Line Status
        3. Controlling Host and TCP/IP Servers
      10. Other System Administration Tasks
        1. Disk Storage Management with DISKTOOLS
        2. System Cleanup Options
        3. Starting and Stopping the System
      11. Working with Function Usage
        1. Control Access to Sensitive Functions
        2. Using GUI Application Administration
      12. IBM's Fix Central and Support Site
        1. Logging on to IBM Fix Central
        2. Using the IBM Support Site
      13. Using IBM i Navigator for Windows
        1. Basic Operations
        2. Work Management
        3. Managing Servers
      14. System Level Security
      15. Object Based Security Architecture
        1. Library and Object Authorities
        2. Object Ownership
        3. Using Security Commands
      16. Working with User Profiles
        1. Setting Password Rules and Initial Passwords
        2. Special Authorities, Limit Capabilities
        3. User Classes, other attributes
      17. Using SECTOOLS and SECBATCH Menus
      18. Network Security
        1. TCP/IP and Host Server Security
        2. Network Server Exit Programs
      19. Security Auditing Capabilities
        1. Configuring the Security Audit Journal (QAUDJRN)
        2. Auditing and Reporting Security related Events

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