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CompTIA Cloud Essentials Certification



CompTIA Cloud Essentials
The CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification focuses on the real-world issues and practical solutions of cloud computing in business and IT. Its the preferred cloud certification for business professionals and non-IT staff. While it isnt a technical-heavy certification, its coverage of cloud computing principles is anything but superficial.

More and more companies are shifting to a cloud computing model of doing business. With fewer infrastructure demands and more flexibility for staff members, the reasoning is clear from the businesses perspective. Hiring certified professionals with proven knowledge in cloud computing is the clear next step. CompTIA Cloud Essentials ensures that you and all other necessary staff members-not just the IT specialists-understand cloud computing and the work it takes to move and govern the cloud.

CompTIA Cloud Essentials Certification Track

NetCom Learning provides CompTIA Cloud Essentials training using Official Curriculum.

CompTIA Cloud Essentials Core: Must Pass All Exams
CLO-001 CompTIA Cloud EssentialsPrepare for exam with training course:

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