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Adobe - ACE Premiere Pro CC Certification



A typical candidate would have a minimum of 3 years experience with Premiere Pro, as well as 3 years editing experience in a professional environment. They have produced output for internal or external clients.


Steps To Adobe - ACE Premiere Pro CC Certification

To become an ACE in Premium Pro CC, you must pass the product-specific proficiency exam and agree to the ACE terms and conditions. The exam has two parts:
  • 54 multiple-choice questions, covering a range of topics listed below
  • The exam has a time limit of 70 minutes, and includes a timer to mark the remaining time.


    Adobe - ACE Premiere Pro CC Certification Track

    NetCom provides Adobe - ACE Premiere Pro CC training using Official Curriculum.

    Adobe - ACE Premiere Pro CC Core: Must Pass All Exams
    Adobe Premiere Pro CC ACE Adobe Premiere Pro CCPrepare for exam with training course:

    » Introduction to Premiere Pro CC


    Target Audience

    Typical job titles include: Editor, Assistant Editor, Producer, Logger. Candidates should also be familiar with Adobe Media Encoder.

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