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CCNA v3, CCENT (ICND1, ICND2) and CCDA (DESGN) - Prep Boot Camp

About the CCNA v3, CCENT (ICND1, ICND2) and CCDA (DESGN) - Prep Boot Camp

Duration: 7 days (84 hours)

Next Class Dates

Oct 16, 2017 – Oct 22, 2017
8:00am – 8:00pm PST
Nov 27, 2017 – Dec 3, 2017
8:00am – 8:00pm PST
Jan 22, 2018 – Jan 28, 2018
8:00am – 8:00pm PST

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Contact us to customize this class with your own dates, times and location. You can also call 1-888-563-8266 or chat live with a Learning Consultant.

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This boot camp training combines and covers materials from the following courses:

Routing & Switching (ICND1 and ICND2) v3.0 Prep Boot Camp - CCNAX (Associate) (5 days)   More on this course...

arrow Course Objectives

  • » Build simple LANs and describe network fundamentals
  • » Establish internet connectivity, troubleshoot IP connectivity and manage secured network device
  • » Install, operate and manage a medium-sized network with multiple switches
  • » Troubleshoot VLAN issues and define functions, characteristics and components of WAN
  • » Configure and trouble EIGRP and OSPF in an IPv4 environment, and configure and troubleshoot EIGRP and OSPF in an IPv6 environment
  • » Understand QoS, virtualization and cloud services
  • » Describe the effects of new technologies such as IoE, IoT, IWAN, and SDN on network evolution

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arrow Course Outline

  • Building a Simple Network
  • Establishing Internet Connectivity
  • Summary Challenge
  • Implementing Scalable Medium Sized Network
  • Introducing IPv6
  • Troubleshooting Basic Connectivity
  • Implementing Network Device Security
  • Implementing an EIGRP-Based Solution
  • Summary Challenge
  • Implement a Scalable OSPF-Based Solution
  • Implementing Wide-Area Networks
  • Network Device Management
  • Summary Challenge

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CCDA v3.0 Prep Boot Camp (2 days)   More on this course...

arrow Course Objectives

  • » Describe and apply network design methodologies
  • » Describe and apply network design concepts of modularity and hierarchy
  • » Design a resilient and scalable Campus network
  • » Design a resilient and scalable connectivity between parts of your Enterprise network
  • » Design connectivity to the Internet and internal routing for your network
  • » Integrate collaboration and wireless infrastructure into your core network
  • » Create scalable IPv4 and IPv6 addressing
  • » Describe what are software defined networks and describe example solutions

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arrow Course Outline

  • Design Methodologies
    1. Design Life Cycle
    2. Characterizing Existing Network
    3. Top-Down Approach
  • Network Design Objectives
    1. Building a Modular Network
    2. Applying Modularity: Hierarchy in a Network
    3. Applying Modularity: Virtualization Overview
  • Campus Network Design
    1. Layer 2/Layer 3 Demarcation
    2. Layer 2 Design Considerations
    3. High Availability Considerations
    4. Layer 3 Design Considerations
    5. Traffic and Interconnections
  • Enterprise Network Design
    1. Designing a Secure Network
    2. Edge Connectivity Design
    3. WAN Design
    4. Branch Design
    5. Connecting to the Data Center
  • Design of Internal Routing and Connecting to the Internet
    1. Routing Protocol Considerations
    2. Expanding EIGRP Design
    3. Expanding OSPF Design
    4. Introducing IS-IS
    5. Expanding IS-IS Design
    6. Using BGP to Connect to the Internet
  • Expanding the Existing Network
    1. Understanding Quality of Service
    2. Supporting Wireless Access
    3. Integrating Collaboration
  • IP Addressing Design
    1. Concepts of Good IP Addressing
    2. Creating an Addressing Plan for IPv4
    3. IPv6 Addressing
    4. Supporting IP Addressing
  • Introduction to Software Defined Networks
    1. SDN Overview
  • Case Study:
    1. Ask the Right Questions
    2. Design a Branch LAN
    3. Branch Connections to Headquarters
    4. Branch Routing
    5. Design Support for Wireless and Collaboration
    6. Designing the IPv4 Addressing Plan
    7. Designing the IPv6 Addressing Plan

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This boot camp training prepares students for the following exam(s):

  • » 200-310: Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions (DESGN) v3.0
  • » 200-125 CCNA: Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices: Accelerated 3.0 - (CCNAX)

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Why should you take the CCNA v3, CCENT (ICND1, ICND2) and CCDA (DESGN) - Prep Boot Camp

This boot camp class prepares the student for the certification exam and on the path of getting certified.

Benefits of Certification

For IT professionals, certification is a third party validation of your skills, that helps distinguish you from your peers. Beyond demonstrating a level of competency and proficiency, certification proves that you are committed to your cause and that you've invested the time and money to prove it. Holding a certification also makes you a more valuable employee, and often results in raises, promotions, and a better career.

For organizations, certifications identify the credentials that can be used to hire the right employee. Having certified employees also increases sales for the organization by proving to prospective clients that the organization has the skills to support its claims.

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What is Included

» Instructor-led Training -- Learn from a CCIE level instructor. Our expert instructors are themselves certified and have years of experience in the real world as well as in teaching. A large majority of our instructors are part-time consultants and provide solutions to a wide variety of companies.

» High Quality Courseware -- We use the best possible courseware for our training -- directly from Cisco. Using authorized courseware gives you the best and latest content for your training.

» 2 Test Vouchers -- The boot camp includes two test vouchers for students attending the full boot camp, at no additional cost. You can use the vouchers towards the CCNAX 200-125 and CCDA 200-310 exams.

» Certification Attainment Policy (CAP) -- We are confident of the quality of our boot camp. Please see our CAP section below for details.

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Do you have the right background for CCNA v3, CCENT (ICND1, ICND2) and CCDA (DESGN) - Prep Boot Camp?

Skills Assessment

We ensure your success by asking all students to take a FREE Skill Assessment test. These short, instructor-written tests are an objective measure of your current skills that help us determine whether or not you will be able to meet your goals by attending this course at your current skill level. If we determine that you need additional preparation or training in order to gain the most value from this course, we will recommend cost-effective solutions that you can use to get ready for the course.

Our required skill-assessments ensure that:

  1. All students in the class are at a comparable skill level, so the class can run smoothly without beginners slowing down the class for everyone else.
  2. NetCom students enjoy one of the industry's highest success rates, and pass rates when a certification exam is involved.
  3. We stay committed to providing you real value. Again, your success is paramount; we will register you only if you have the skills to succeed.
This assessment is for your benefit and best taken without any preparation or reference materials, so your skills can be objectively measured.

Take your FREE Skill Assessment test »

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Target Audience for this boot camp training

IT managers wanting greater skill in network design

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Award winning, world-class Instructors

David M.
- Networking expert with several Cisco certifications, including CCENT, CCNA, CCDA, CCSI, and CCVP. - Has taught over 90 courses at NetCom Learning. - Average rating of 8.75 out of 9 on student evaluation reports.


David has been in the Networking field for the past eleven years and holds several Cisco certifications. He has been an instructor since 2005 and has taught over 90 courses at NetCom Learning.

David is an extremely enthusiastic trainer with a raw passion towards teaching and delivering Cisco information and takes great pride in his career as an instructor, which has lead him to develop and deliver the class in his own unique way; very professional and knowledgeable, yet pleasant and enjoyable. His classes have a high passing rate for students taking certification exams, and averages 8.75 out of 9 on evaluation reports.
Michael G.
- Over 22 years of professional experience in the IT field, including more than a decade as a Certified Trainer.
- An expert in Cisco's Routing, Switching, Security, Voice and Wireless areas, as well as select Microsoft, Novell, CompTIA, Sun and CWNP courses.
- High-skilled and acclaimed instructor. Has trained over 900 students at Netcom Learning.


Michael has over 22 years of professional experience in the IT field, including more than a decade as a Certified Trainer. An expert in Cisco's Routing, Switching, Security, Voice and Wireless areas, Michael also teaches select Microsoft, Novell, CompTIA, Sun and CWNP courses.

Michael's dedication and passion for teaching is unmatched. He has trained over 900 students at Netcom Learning since 2006 and his evaluation scores average 8.7 out of 9.
William D.
- Bachelors and Masters in Mathematics from University of Pennsylvania, in addition to several IT certifications.
- Over 20 years of experience in the IT industry; background ranges from engineering, administration and escalation support in networks.


William is a highly-skilled IT professional with Bachelors and Masters Degree in Mathematics from University of Pennsylvania. He has been working in the IT industry for over 20 years, with experience in engineering, administration and escalation support in networks ranging from small to large scale complex enterprise environments.

As a Cisco and CompTIA Subject Matter Expert, he holds several certifications, including Cisco CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE. William is one of NetCom's top trainers, consistently scoring high marks in student evaluations.

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Recent Client Testimonials & Reviews

Aug 18 2017
Great Instructor. Keeps you engaged.

- Paul J.

Course(s) Taken

» CCNA Routing & Switching (ICND1 and ICND2) v3.0 (Associate) Combo

Aug 18 2017
It was clear on the first day that the instructor had a wealth of knowledge. During the class, he imparted that knowledge on us every day, which I am very thankful for. Very good instructor.

- Jeremy J.

Course(s) Taken

» CCNA Routing & Switching (ICND1 and ICND2) v3.0 (Associate) Combo

Jun 23 2017
I am very impressed with the great instructions provided by the instructor.

- Aashish S.

Course(s) Taken

» CCNA Routing & Switching (ICND1 and ICND2) v3.0 (Associate) Combo

Mar 31 2017
The instructor knows his material very well.

- Hung N.

Course(s) Taken

» Implementing Cisco Voice Communications and QoS v8.0 - CVOICE

Mar 31 2017
Very knowledgeable instructor. True subject matter expert.

- Dameon R.

Course(s) Taken

» Implementing Cisco Voice Communications and QoS v8.0 - CVOICE

  More testimonials »  

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Benefit of taking this boot camp training at NetCom Learning

Our customers come first. Awards come second, naturally.

As a recognition for training excellence, NetCom Learning was chosen by Microsoft as the 2013 Learning Partner finalist and 2007 Worldwide Learning Solutions Partner of the Year out of more than 1400 training companies globally.

In addition, we have won numerous other training awards for quality and customer satisfaction by CompTIA, EC-Council and other vendors. We are simply passionate about learning and achieving the highest customer satisfaction in your learning experience! See our list of awards.

Why choose Cisco Training at NetCom Learning?

NetCom Learning is proud to be an authorized Cisco Learning Partner. We have helped thousands of clients successfully attain Cisco certifications in a cost effective manner. Make sure you invest in quality training so your hard-earned money does not go to waste. It DOES make a difference!

We are one of the largest training facility in the US and one of Cisco's premier training providers. We can also customize training to address specific training needs.

We even provided training to Cisco's top engineers. Read our Case Study!

Authorized Cisco Training Value Proposition:

Authorized Cisco Training Center Non-authorized Training Center
Certified Cisco instructors teach the courses Non CCSI can teach the course
Uses content authorized by Cisco and created by Cisco product teams Do not have access to official courseware
Uses the latest Cisco learning content May use outdated training content
Strict quality guarantee managed by a Cisco online evaluation system No quality guarantee
Uses virtual practice labs using the latest Cisco equipment. See our partial list of Cisco equipment here May not use up to date equipment
Uses simulations created by Cisco to help prepare for Cisco exams Does not use simulations created by Cisco
Comprehensive learning needs and skills-gap analysis No real analysis available
Customized courses that use Cisco intellectual property Cannot use any Cisco intellectual property
Overall, a better quality training experience Substandard training experience

NetCom Learning provides Authorized Training

NetCom Learning is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Learning Solutions (CPLS), Cisco Learning Partner, CompTIA Platinum Partner, EC-Council Accredited Training Center, Adobe Authorized Training Center, Autodesk Authorized Training Center and many others. We are proud to offer the highest quality, authorized training solutions from our many partners for our customers.

See our comprehensive list of partner authorizations.

Certification Attainment Policy (CAP)

If you are not able to attain all certifications during the boot camp, you can attend the boot camp again within a period of one year, if it is still being offered and has availability. To attend, simply retain your course materials. You will need to pay for test vouchers and optional travel. If the courseware has changed, you must purchase the latest material. CAP would not apply if the class you want to reattend is for a different certification.

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For a customized version of this class, please contact us or call 1-888-563-8266.

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Still have questions about boot camp training?

For answers to questions regarding our boot camp training delivery format, please refer to our Boot Camp Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

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